2018 Ford Mustang GT

This 2018 Ford Mustang GT is
protected with Opti-Coat Ceramic Paint Coating and 3M Scotchgard Pro Series Paint Protection Film

Areas Protected with Paint Protection Film: Full Hood, Partial Fenders and Front Bumper

What did we do?

Car Protection Pro’s expert installer began the process with Optimum Polymer Technologies (OPT) No Rinse Wash and Shine hand wash. This wash product saves water and makes cleaning any dirty vehicle extremely easy. This particular vehicle needed less than 1 gallon of water and approximately 30 minutes to get fully clean and ready for the next step.

Next was our clay treatment. We used a clay mitt to remove any bonded debris on the paint. This step ensures that the paint fully decontaminated and ready for polishing.

Next was the polishing phase. We exclusively use OPT line of Hyper polish and Hyper compound. We have found that these polishing products provide a superior gloss in less time. For our clients, that means having an easy-to-maintain, beautiful, show-car paint finish that wont break the bank.

The step in the prep process was to remove all polish and primer polish using OPT Paint Prep and microfiber towels. Next, we installed paint protection film to the vehicle as the client requests. In this case we installed Full Hood, Full Front Bumper and 1/3 Front Fender paint protection film using 3M Scotchgard Pro Series Paint Protection film. This film is 8 millimeters thick and is resistant to punctures. This makes it the prefect product to protect the Mustang’s paint from everyday road impacts. This film offers the latest generation of self-healing top coat technology, which makes the vehicle’s exterior easier to clean. It was amazing to see a scratch, that was there from a too-close encounter with an overgrown bush in a parking spot, completely disappear before our eyes.

Once the PPF install was complete, the next step was to apply the Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coating. The coating was applied with a foam applicator pad and followed by a lint-free edge less micro fiber towel buff. Thirty minutes later, a coat of Opti-Seal was applied as an added protection for the Mustang’s paint while the ceramic coating continued to bond over the following month. 

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