Clear Bra Paint Protection

Paint Protection Film aka “Clear Bra”

Congratulations on your new car! You made a significant investment and want to keep it looking like new for as long as possible. However, everyday hazards like rocks, bird droppings, tree sap, and other cars can cause damage to your paint job. To protect your car, consider installing Paint Protection Film, also known as “Clear Bra”.

Clear Bra is a clear, durable film that covers your car’s paint and acts as a shield against rock chips, scratches, and stains. It will permanently protect your vehicle without damaging the factory OEM paint underneath. In fact, the film can be removed and replaced at any time without any damage to your car’s appearance.

For maximum protection, Clear Bra is typically applied to the front end of the car, where most paint damage occurs. But it can also be applied to other impact areas like trunk ledges, headlights, door sills, door edges, and rocker panels to provide complete coverage against paint damage. With Clear Bra, you can drive your car with confidence, knowing that it is protected from the hazards of everyday driving.

Our Paint Protection Coverage Areas

Applications shown below indicate typical areas of placement on vehicle. Actual film placement will vary according to the needs of the end user.

Our Coverage Options
PackageStandard ProtectionDeluxe ProtectionUltra ProtectionOptional Parts
Full Hood
Full Fenders*
Partial Hood
Partial Fenders
Side Mirrors
Front Bumper
Door Edges
Door Cups
Fog Lights
Cab Top
Trunk Ledge
Rocker Panels

*Patterns not available for ALL Models and options. Please contact us for details.

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The Paint Protection Films We Install

While we are a Preferred, Certified 3M Installer as well as a Stek fashion film installer, we also offer SunTek paint protection film. SunTek PPF also have outstanding qualities like a self-healing clear coat finishes, superior stain resistance and they are guaranteed not to yellow. All of our Clear Bra kits can be installed using 3M patterns customized to your vehicle for a perfect fit.

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Not sure which one is right for you? Here is a comparison:
Film Thickness8ml8ml8ml8ml8ml
Urethane Thickness6ml6ml6ml6ml6ml
Top Coated
Clear Coated
Warranty*10 Years*10 Years*5 Years*5 Years*5 Years*
Warrantied Against Yellowing
Requires Ongoing
Full-coverage Hood
Full-coverage Fenders

*Limited liability warranty, non-transferable, see dealer for details.

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